Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I bet we all experienced times in our life when we had a brilliant moment of inspiration: the perfect idea, the clarity of where to go, a deeper understanding of something you’ve already known before, the realization of something… but where is all of this coming from? Why is inspiration usually so random and unpredictable? Is there a formula to become inspired?

I don’t think there is a proper formula since we are all so different and so complex in our uniqueness, but I do think there is a lot of tools available to awaken that part of ourselves. Here I’d like to share my personal list with you, please take what you need from it and complete it with your own tools.

- Time in nature. When I stop and look at the magnificence of Nature, everything becomes an inspiration: flowers, colors, forms, textures, lights, animals, shapes and so on. Nature is abundant, rich and so diverse so you will always find something to feel inspired.

- People (real & virtual). I love to feel inspired by others. Sometimes I feel inspired by something they do or have done, sometimes just by the way they see life while other times by the way they express life. In order to be constantly inspired, I always surround myself by the most inspiring people that I can find (my group of peers). I follow them, I become their friend, I attend their courses, read their books, etc.

- Meditation. Slowing down and spending time in stillness to observe myself are one of the most powerful ways to receive inspiration. It’s the space I create in my mind that gives me the clarity to download new ideas, have realizations or become aware of many things happening around me. Meditation is definitely fuel to activate my creativity and inspiration in a great way.

- Journaling. So simple yet so profound. Every day I take the time to write down in my journal whatever is in my mind. I do this without any expectation of writing something awesome, or thinking that somebody reads it. This is only for me, to become clear about what is happening inside. Many times I’ve got the biggest moments of inspiration ever, just by paying attention to what there is between the lines.

- Discipline. This can sound a little bit weird especially talking about inspiration and creativity but, as one of my favourite quotes says, “it takes discipline to become a free spirit.” Discipline is the cultivation of our inner will power, that commitment that we do with ourselves and we know that when we say we will do something, we actually do it. No excuses, no procrastination, no distractions. We learn to cultivate whatever is important for us and the discipline gives us not only a huge inspiration to keep going on track, but also shows us what we are capable of. Let yourself be inspired by you.

- Cultivate a passion. Dance, sing, paint, run, walk… whatever makes you happy, do it. When we do what we love, even if it’s for a little time every day, we enter in a state of flow: this is the place to receive inspiration. A place when we stop resisting life and flow with it.

- Be grateful. We can only feel inspired when we are in our heart space. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says “gratitude is the ultimate space of receivership". Gratitude allows us to switch from what we do not want to what we are grateful for. From resistance to openness. From our head space into our heart space. We can receive inspiration when we are open to it. If we spend our energy resisting life and complaining, we will miss a big opportunity. In my own practice, I like to list in my mind the 5 things that I feel grateful for every day before going to bed.

As you can see, these are simple tools available to us all the time. Cultivating them have had a big impact in my personal life, in my creativity and in the frequency of moments of inspiration. The more I practice all of them, the more I feel inspired by life itself.

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