In Western societies, we are used to thinking in a linear- rational perspective, therefore two opposite things cannot be true at the same time: if A is right, B must be wrong; or if A is true B must be false. This logic has imprinted a dualistic way to see the world and perceive life, with the consequence that we are constantly searching to be “right”, to be “better than others”, to seek for competition and righteousness eventually feeling separate, lonely and disconnected from the whole.

Thankfully we have other options…

Easter traditions, like Taoism, tell us that A and B can be different and true at the same time; and we, as human beings, are the prove.

In fact, even though we are all uniques - nobody has your own fingerprints nobody has your voice, not the same eyes and not the same life experiences - we are all the same…

The beauty of this perspective is that I don’t have to choose between being unique and being the same as you because I am both. I can be light and darkness, I can be strong and vulnerable, I can have strong boundaries and be flexible.

This way of thinking allows us to become more whole and to incorporate all the parts of us that were pushed away because they were “wrong” or “bad” allowing them to be seen, heard and acknowledged. This not only allows us to perceive life from a more holistic point of view but also to understand that the world is made of interdependent relations and interconnections where my role as individual is important in the wellbeing of others, where my own healing is a stepping stone for the healing of humanity.

If you look deeply into nature, as Taoist did, you will find this relational characteristic everywhere: a seed needs a fertile soil, water, sunlight and other external conditions to grow, because a seed - even if it’s healthy and herald of transformation - can’t result into life by itself.

At the same, soil without seed, it’s equally fruitless.

So we need both: your uniqueness and the adequate external conditions working together so you can flourish in the most magnificent way.

This is the wonderful intricate yet simple flow of life.


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