Updated: Jul 14, 2020

How meditation has changed my life? As I sit and think in the most honest and authentic way how to answer, this question is forcing me to look back to who I was before my meditation practice. I can honestly say that starting a meditation practice is not a simple thing to do. Personally, I had to fight with my hyperactive nature and the believe that I should always be doing something in order to feel worthy. So the biggest step for me was to give myself permission to slow down and be ok with sitting in stillness. It required a lot of my willpower to keep the practice going even when my mind was trying to find so many excuses not to do it. I am so grateful that I just kept going. Meditation has really changed my life in the most subtle and powerful way possible. I started to become aware of many of my believes and subconscious patterns, the way of how I was reacting towards life and so it gave me the space to assume my own responsibilities about how I want to lead my life rather that reacting to it. Meditation has given me the possibility to choose, the clarity to understand what I want and in that, the empowerment to go for it. Once I started to become aware of some of my conditioning, of my limiting beliefs, of my reactions then I had the possibility to choose differently. The more I went in, the more I realized that there are so many layers that need my attention, my love, my patience and my practice in order to heal. Meditation has allowed me to accept my dark side: the parts of myself that I don’t like, that I hide from others, that I am ashamed of and it’s constantly teaching me to accept and include everything with love as the only way to be whole. As I become more spacious, I notice that I have more space with others as well and so my relationships become deeper, nourishing and loving. When I choose to treat myself with love and respect, others start doing the same with me. Now I have no doubt that the transformation always comes from the inside, and that the outside world is only a mirror of myself. We all have the power to heal, to love, to let go and to create the life that we so want. Meditation is the space that reminds you who you are.

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