Many of us begin an inner journey with the belief that we are going to become "better" or that certain uncomfortable emotions will disappear and somehow everything will be easier.

However, life is full of changes, losses and uncertainties that are not easy to cope with. And the more we believe that we will get better, the more that feeling of not being suitable - now as we are - takes hold.

The reality is that the inner path does not imply in any way that you become different from what you already are; on the contrary it implies accepting all that you are with love and compassion. It involves embracing those parts of yourself that are uncomfortable, that you don't want to see. Accept those parts that you want to hide or those causing you pain or shame. The path is not to reach a goal, on the opposite, it is to embrace all that is in this moment, including yourself.

When we cultivate practices like Yin yoga & Mindfulness, we learn to observe our own discomfort. We observe what happens within ourselves without judgment and when discomfort arises we draw our attention to our inner reactions without responding to them.

For example, in Yin yoga, when we bring our attention inwards, we become aware of the need to leave the pose or to guess and ask ourselves “how long am I going to be here?”. Sometimes we evade discomfort by tipping off into mental stories about our next vacation.

We all have internal reactions to external situations and by beginning to observe them and allow ourselves to feel discomfort instead of avoiding it, we begin to build internal tools that allow us to deal with uncomfortable or painful situations in life.

As a practice, when you realize that a situation is uncomfortable, try to stay with it and see what your reaction would be. Observe where you feel the discomfort in your body and simply bring your presence there.

What have you discovered?

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