We all know, in a way or another, consciously or intuitively, about the power and energy of our heart. However, in the busyness of our daily life, we ​​tend to forget and connect with it.

Sometimes, in order to connect, it is simply necessary to have the intention to do it… and from that space observe how what we can’t see has a tangible effect on us.

A few years ago I was hired to teach yoga at a nursing home in Sydney.

I can still remember the first day…

I had carefully prepared several exercises to be done sitting with light joint movements, but when I arrived there I found a group of 20 elderlies with senile dementia many of whom were unable to move at all… Some of them were also asleep while others with their eyes closed and a grimace on their faces…

In that moment, I realized that everything I had prepared was completely useless and so intuitively decided to guide them in meditation for one hour.

Even if at the beginning and from a rational viewpoint I thought I wasn’t doing much for them, I somehow knew it was right because I was experiencing an incredible feeling of love and an immense sense of peace.

From that day on, I decided to leave my good intentions about the physical aspect of yoga and just spend time together with them using meditations and visualizations even without knowing whether they were really listening to me or not.

My only intention was transmitting love and peace through my words.

And I kept doing it, every Tuesday, regardless of their response.

After a few months I started to see smiles on their faces, gratitude on their expressions.

I observed them to relax or quietly get asleep.

I specifically remember one day when I arrived at the centre and Katie, a lady whose eyes were always lost in space, was instead wide awaken: as she saw me, she begun screaming with joy starting to sing a song to me! That day we all spent the whole time singing: many woke up, others applauded, others slept and others smiled… it didn’t’ really matter what they did but we were all together having a great time…

When I left the centre, my heart was overwhelmed by happiness and I remember I went home crying with joy treasuring that moment as one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

This experience has taught me how our heart expresses itself beyond what we can see. They taught me that words or interactions are not necessary meant to deliver its “tangible” message, but on the contrary, in space and in silence, the “intangible” intention of love travels from one heart to another; that when we have a clear intention we become a channel of love that goes beyond our intellectual understanding.

I cannot explain with my words how much I loved those people and the love I received from them, but I can still feel it vibrating inside of my heart.

What is your intention when you get up every day?

How can you include and listen more to your heart in your life?

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