Mindfulness practice invites us to bring our attention to the present moment, without the mind getting lost in thoughts about the past, the future or other virtual realities. By turning our attention to what is happening moment by moment, we learn to experience our life in a better way, to enjoy small and important daily moments, to connect more with ourselves and all the beings we love, significantly reducing our stress levels, anxiety and reactive emotions.

This practice consists of both formal techniques, such as Meditation, and informal ones that we can cultivate during the whole day in our everyday life.

In this article I’d like to share 5 Mindfulness activities that go beyond meditation and help us develop a greater degree of presence and attention.

WRITING - Have a dedicated journal where to put your thoughts on paper. Take 5 or 10 minutes to write down how you feel and everything that goes through your head. Let go of your judgments, do not worry if you are “rationally” considering what you write good or bad, correct or not: simply allow your mind to empty. Do not think about what else to write next, the point is to keep going without stopping even if that means to compose “meaningless” sentences.

This exercise will give you a sense of unloading as well as a lot of mental clarity.

GRATITUDE PRACTICE - Every day when you get up or before going to sleep think and / or write 3 things you felt grateful for that day. It does not matter if they are big or small things, the important thing is the sensation of gratitude your heart will experience while doing this exercise. Do not worry whether they will be the same ones day after day: the most important part is to change your focus from what you don't have to what you have and love.

BREATHING CONSCIOUSLY - Take a little break from time to time during your day, and simply observe the natural flow of your breathing. Without changing or modifying it, allow it to be as it is. If you feel agitated, anxious or sad, observe ... if you are happy, excited or happy, observe. The intention is to bring your attention to the present moment and to recognize how you feel without wanting to change it or pushing it away. Simple observation and recognition.

CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS - At least once a week give yourself a time to express your creative being, whether it is drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, cooking, playing an instrument, writing or any other creative way you like or have an interest in it. This goes beyond the concept of “art” we are used to: it is about expressing who we are regardless of the result.

Creativity allows us to express our deepest feelings and gives us a sense of freedom and clarity.

WALKING IN NATURE - Walk slowly, without rush, preferably alone and without speaking. Observe everything around you: colors, smells, sounds, sensations on your skin and observe how you feel within. Observe your breathing and your thoughts without getting lost in them. Allow them to flow like waves in the ocean, without you wanting to stop or follow them. Allow yourself to be present and receive the gift of life moment by moment.

These practices, while simple, are profoundly transformational. The secret, as always, is to constantly practice and to give ourselves the permission to spend time to reconnect with who we really are.

I would love to hear your experiences about your Mindfulness practices: feel free to directly contact me anytime.

With love


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