In the last years I’ve intuitively started drawing mandalas on papers, walls, surfboards, canvas…everywhere, just because I liked to do it and was given a peaceful and fulfilling feeling. And I kept doing it this way until I began to explore more consciously the power of drawing with intentions as a way to manifest what we want in life. 

So now, every time I start painting or undertaking a project, I set clear intentions underneath my work and I use specific mantras to reinforce them and make them happen. 


I truly believe that once they are in a place, the energy of the intentions begins to manifest.

What’s a Mandala?


The Mandala is an ancient meditative symbol that reveals the underlying connectedness of Nature.


Mandalas have been used throughout history all over the world for spiritual realization, personal expression & transformation, and they are believed to connect us to the natural world, representing unity and the cycle of life.  


The sacred geometry of the Mandala draws our attention inward, unifying the centre of our being with the cosmos and attracting a state of harmony & wholeness.



Patty is a  yoga teacher and artist on a journey of continuous self-discovery and growth. Her biggest passion and purpose is to inspire others to live an intentional life: she uses art and yoga as a way to empower her students to step into their full potential and create the life they dream of.

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