Our life is shaped by our mind... we become what we think.

- Buddha -

Hello and welcome!

I am Patty, a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, but above all I am a passionate practitioner of these wonderful and ancient practices.

My mission is to share and offer Mindfulness practices in the form of Meditation, Yin yoga & Art, to help you reduce stress and connect with the most authentic part of yourself, as well as obtain greater clarity, peace and creativity in your life. These practices are not connected to any dogma or religion, nonetheless they are deep and simple tools that you can implement in your daily life to learn how to relax, become clearer about yourself & your purpose, increase concentration as well as discover your creative side.


The content I share in my courses, e-books, social media and blog is for everyone: regardless of whether you are new to these concepts or you have been practicing for a long time, you will find information, exercises and introspection practices that will guide you in your path of self-acceptance and reconnection with yourself.

If you want to start now, download the free book "Mindfulness Journey: 7 days to reduce stress and gain mental clarity, peace and creativity".

Finally, I would love to hear from you and know more about your experiences: let’s stay in touch through  Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


With Love


Patty is a qualified Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation teacher with years of experience teaching in Australia and Mexico.