I’m a yoga teacher & artist fully in love with Nature: everything I do is, in fact, inspired by the beauty of the Mother and the connection with her. 


I consider Yoga & Art as ways to connect with myself & the world and I strongly believe that creativity is a way to explore our inner potential.


I have a Mexican-Italian background and during my life I had the privilege to live, learn and work in different Countries such as Peru, Mexico, Italy, USA and Australia. I would say that traveling has been such a part of my life that it has really & deeply shaped who I am: a mix of cultures, languages, values and perspectives that make my life incredibly rich, open & receptive. 


I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Australia some years ago, after which I have started teaching around Sydney for five years.. Currently I have more than 500 hours of training and I’m spreading my love for yoga around Mexico.  


I discovered my passion for Art and Mandalas by following my heart, by doing the things that I love every day, until I finally gave myself permission to follow this path and teach others how to explore their own creativity with Intention.

I use Art, Mindfulness and the Power of our Intention not only to create Art but also and especially the life that we so want. 


All of these tools have brought me into a healing and empowering path of love and self-acceptance. 


Patty is a  yoga teacher and artist on a journey of continuous self-discovery and growth. Her biggest passion and purpose is to inspire others to live an intentional life: she uses art and yoga as a way to empower her students to step into their full potential and create the life they dream of.

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