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"Patty continues to open my mind to a whole new world of what mindfulness can be. A truely intuitive teacher and artist. Never have I experienced such a deep sense of calming clarity as I had during her mindful Mandala class - I am now addicted to expressing my mind creatively through my fingertips. Whether it is a yoga class or Mandala workshop, Patty creates a nurturing environment in which her students walk away mind and heart full."

- Erin Barney, Artist Sydney - 

“Patty is an incredibly talented yoga teacher! She bring so much warmth, heart and value to her classes, workshops and trainings, whether it’s Vinyasa, Yin and more!

My absolute favorite are her Yin offerings. Her grounding nature and ability to hold space creates a safe, supportive and nurturing place for me to go deep into my practice. I always feel amazing afterwards and keep coming back!

But that’s not all. Patty is a magnificent human with a heart of gold, and radiates love, kindness, acceptance, patience, curiosity, creativity and so much more. She is someone who has had a significant impact on my life. Thank you Patty for all that you do and are.

I highly recommend her classes, workshops and trainings. If you get a chance to learn with Patty, don’t miss out!”


- Lucy Lichtenstein, Women’s circle facilitator & Senior Yoga teacher,  Sydney -

"Patty has a way of making everybody feel like they are here for a reason. The mandala workshop was Thought out with love and facilitated with an open heart. Patty gave the space to explore and to play in creativity - something we don’t give enough time to. This workshop boosted my self-belief and self-love while creating a sense of connection with others in creativity.  I would recommend to anyone, with all or no art experience to do a workshop with Patty - you will definitely come out feeling brighter and lighter. "

-Rebecca Gosling, Art Therapist, Sydney - 

“I love Patty’s spiritual approach to life & Yin yoga.

I looked forward to her nurturing classes & felt so “held” within them. In the yoga studio, she created a world where you could unfurl & go deep within.

With an immersive experience of singing bowls, Palo Santo & an accompanying teaching. Love & miss her dearly!” 


- Valentine Barnave, Reiki healer & business owner Sydney -



Patty is a  yoga teacher and artist on a journey of continuous self-discovery and growth. Her biggest passion and purpose is to inspire others to live an intentional life: she uses art and yoga as a way to empower her students to step into their full potential and create the life they dream of.

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